Max Blomgren is a composer for stage and screen. Originally from Sweden, he has been based in Los Angeles, California since 2001.  

In addition to writing film scores (Tentacle 8, Out of the Shadows, Seven Seasons), concert music (Columnated Ruins Domino, Two Faces Have I) and opera (Pride and Prejudice) he is a prolific synthesist, music sound designer and producer. His work can be heard on over 40 movies, including Spider-Man 3, The Grudge, Drag Me to Hell and The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

His second opera Nora, Hedda Gabler and Miss Julie was premiered and recorded in a concert performance at the Swedish Radio, Stockholm, in November 2016. He just finished producing, recording and mixing the score for Wilson's Heart, the acclaimed VR game now available for Oculus, as well as the forthcoming CD release.  

Upcoming projects include music for the thriller 7Seconds, production and mix work on new albums by Chris de Silva and Tony Alonso, and a 30th anniversary vinyl release of the classic Hellraiser score.